Making Impact, but how? 

Well, to be honest I'm still trying to figure that out. I have a couple of ideas, but it still needs some flushing out. Running a brand while being in school full time and working part time as a dishwasher on the weekends is a bit hectic. I'm working to be a better me, which means being more productive on a daily basis. Not just for one or two days, but everyday. I know I'll be able to figure the "how" part to empowering youth through the outdoors. It's going to take a little bit of time, but I know it can be done and I hope you will believe in me. This is my passion. Working with kids is what makes me happy, but what makes me even happier is providing the tools and resources for kids to experience the outdoors. No one should be left out in experiencing the wonders of the Pacific Northwest to the parks provided to us by the city. That is still the outdoors, and I plan to utilize these areas’ in bringing the youth back into those spaces. I will come back to this page soon, but for now I'm going to spend a bit of time in preparing the Spring/Summer '18 collection which I hope you will enjoy and appreciate. Here's a photo of my two younger brothers after my cousins scrimmage. They're the reason why I'm doing this. 

I love you all.