Year One - A Dream

With the upcoming four year celebration, I want to take some time to look back at the past years and how they contributed to making the brand what it is today. Today I want to focus on the first year of State of Bliss, and how it transformed from a dream into reality. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents vending at the Portland Saturday Market. We would sell various imported items from countries like India and Nepal. Whenever new shipments would arrive, I would fascinate over the idea of having my own products delivered to me in the same big brown boxes. 

Streetwear giants like Supreme, The Hundreds, and Diamond Supply Co. were brands that I aspired to replicate with State of Bliss. The exclusiveness, the high demand, I wanted that. Before we began creating products, I spent countless hours watching videos on how to start a clothing brand. Taking notes, discussing ideas with my friends, and reaching out to others who had similar interests. Still being in high school at the time, I could’ve taken the easy route and dropped simple designs on Gildan t-shirts, but I knew I wanted it to be more than that. Our first products featured front and back graphics, printed neck labels, and came in individual poly bag packaging. Costs were high, but I wanted a brand that people would be proud to represent. 

Being a startup brand, we had to work extra hard to get our name out there. I would literally sell shirts out of my backpack anywhere from school hallways to random sidewalks. This was during a time when I offered free delivery to anyone in the greater Portland/Vancouver area. This provided the opportunity to get to know my supporters on a personal level. Over the course of that first year, it became clear that I wanted something different than some of the brands I had previously looked up to, I wanted to create true connections. 

Scroll through these photos to see throwbacks from our first year, and check back in over the next couple of weeks to hear more about the progression of State of Bliss over the years!

Namgyal Nepali