Year Three - Steady


By the time our third year came around, things started to make sense to me. We continued to produce quality pieces such as our Avalanche long sleeve which we first released in high school on a coach jacket. (Trust me, this cold season we’ve got more outerwear coming your way). From there, I had finally developed a mission statement to represent the brand. It’s always been about the people for SOB. No matter the distance, if there’s an event or a cause that speaks to me, I make sure to be there to meet folks and show them what the brand is all about. The more people I connected with, mentors, youth, customers etc., people began to recognize that we were more than just another clothing brand, we were there to serve a purpose.

A pivotal moment during that year was the recognition we received from Umi  @ETC who did a write-up on us. It was an incredible feeling to be noticed by such a big player in the streetwear community. Though we weren’t able to get product into the store at that time, speaking to Umi created a sense of confidence that we had to be doing something right. This kept my ambition strong  and steady, even when people would ask what our profits looked like. The gear, the connections, and the youth comes first; eventually the rest follows.

We wrapped up last year with an anniversary show at the @altlib, featuring local artists: @metsa, @cosmos, @Noisywaters, and @middlejames. Anyone who was able to attend our third year anniversary can verify that SOB knows how to throw a party, you won’t want to miss our 4th anniversary celebration!

Namgyal Nepali