our story



In his early ages, you’d find Namgyal Nepali unloading his grandparent's cargo van for the Portland Saturday Market. Being one of the first people in the morning to cross the Morrison bridge into downtown reveals another part of the city that most people are unfamiliar with. The streets empty with no sight of cars or people reminds me of the feeling being outdoors. The daily reminder that no matter how quiet it might be, there’s always something or someone making noise. I spent a good amount of my childhood in my grandparents downtown store. Usually in the backroom watching Power Rangers on VHS and eating a slice of pizza from Rovente.

I learned early on the importance of understanding where each individual comes from and seeing things from all angles, this skill was developed while growing up in the city. With both my folks working full time, it was DIFFICULT for my brothers and I to experience the great outdoors. It was at the age of 13, when my family and I went on my first camping trip to crater lake in Oregon. It really opened my eyes to the disconnect between people of color and the outdoors. I want to transform State of Bliss into a socially-driven brand the empowers the youth through the outdoors. I hope to tear down walls, build bridges, close the gap, and provide opportunities to people of all backgrounds to experience something truly life changing. Nobody gets left behind.

I am open to collaborating with brands, companies and individuals in the community who allign with my values. This isn't just my brand, it's ours. 


Namgyal Nepali (Founder)